Smart meters are revolutionising the water industry with their ability to wirelessly deliver reliable and accurate data.


Drive by readings

The superior flow technology of the Sensus iPerl for example, outperforms all existing technologies. The iPerl is the only smart water meter that benefits from the advantages of both one-way and two-way communications, with its unique 1 1/2 way communications systems. The iPerl is completely wireless: giving you a meticulous electronic data reading as you drive or walk by. Alternatively, access your reading through a fixed network.

Measure low flow rates

The breakthrough technology is the iPerl’s ability to measure and record extremely low flow rates – down to one litre per hour with an accuracy of plus or minus one percent. This gives industries, such as utilities, the opportunity to measure ‘non-revenue water’ among other things.

Remote Accessibility

The remote accessibility of smart meters is a key benefit if you’re out in the field – those typical situations where meters need to be installed in hard to access areas.

Monitoring and diagnostics

Smart meters allow you to optimise your water usage and determine where along the pipeline you’re using the most water. Because water consumption is monitored and recorded, smart meters give you the ability to analyse your data for problem ‘spikes’. This data is a powerful tool to help you run your infrastructure better and more efficiently.

Smart meters come with sophisticated diagnostics, such as alarms and anti-tampering devices, and a long-life battery (up to 15 years). They are the modern technological solution to your metering needs.

Related Products

We have a dedicated range of smart metering products to suit your needs. If you have any questions about Bermad Water Technology’s products, or require assistance, please contact us.