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Make pipeline failure a thing of the past with Bermad Water Technologies' innovative range of Magnetic Flow Meters.


What is an “Electromagnetic Flow Meter”?

Often referred to as ‘Electromagnetic Flow Meters’, or more simply as ‘MagFlows’, these state-of-the-art meters accurately measure the volume and flow rate of water. These meters have a range of outputs that are compatible with standard control equipment.

When would you use a MagFlow meter?

Their reliability and resilience is the reason MagFlows are used extensively in the fire services, petrochemical, utilities, mining and irrigation industries – where safety is absolutely critical.

Part of MagFlow’s popularity is the fact it is virtually maintenance-free as it has no moving parts. It is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with the pipe network to give you consistent performance with unobstructed flow. Unlike traditional meters, MagFlow is not affected by impurities in the water.

Powerful 3G access and sophisticated diagnostics allows for remote data access. MagFlow is a great ‘smart’ option for commercial, industrial or manufacturers.

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We have a range of Magnetic Flow Meter products to suit your purpose. If you have any questions about Bermad Water Technology’s products, including how we can help you choose the right meter for your specific application, please contact us.