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AMI is an integrated system of smart water meters that collects, delivers, manages and analyses your water data in your network.


When to use AMI?

If you need a water metering solution to enable full network management and monitoring, AMI is a powerful, cutting-edge solution.

What is AMI?

Its technology-led smart meter capacity enables two-way communication, giving you the ability to read meters remotely. The advantage is real-time data across your infrastructure – domestic or commercial.

How AMI can help?

For the busy network manager or council and utilities staff, AMI pinpoints problems or situations in your pipeline flow. It gives you greater visibility and accuracy – taking out the guesswork. AMI optimises the network by giving you fixed diagnostics. Its push alarm functionality immediately alerts you to burst or leaking pipes and low batteries.

For example, the smart metering functionality alerts you to ‘events’ that are causing discrepancies in your network, such as ‘holes’ or leaks. Situations that may impact the accuracy of your non-revenue water.

AMI is a fully customisable solution. Browse our AMI product range to understand why AMI smart metering is the way forward for your organisation.

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