MC406 Battery Converter

The MC406 converter was officially released in 2016 with the latest technology to allow unparalleled performance in detection and capture of flow.

Battery electromagnetic (magflow) meters cannot run with continuous sampling like powered meters do.  Battery magflows on the market will sample every 30 seconds to 5 minutes meaning all flow transients between samples is missed.  Increasing this sample rate from the factory default will effect the life of the battery.  The MC406 has extremely low power consumption and utilises the worlds’ best battery to offer 15 second sampling as standard (7+ year battery life) and can be configured down to 5 second sampling (2+ year life).

It also offers extremely low flow capabilities down to 0.01m/s when coupled with the MUT2300 sensor.  That’s <5 litres/min with a 100mm meter!  It also has the highest accuracy of 0.2% +/-2mm/s as standard.

The MC406 converter logs all critical data every 15 minutes (default) – no set up is required.  It will store 3+ years of data that can be easily and quickly extracted locally or via 3G.

Ideally suited for billing or any application where accuracy, reliability, low flow detection and capture is of high importance.

MC406 Battery Converter