From Kalgoorlie to Mount Isa and beyond, Bemad Water Technologies is at the forefront of providing metering solutions to the mining industry.


If there’s one thing we know our customers in the mining industry want, it’s a bullet proof solution. We provide strong, robust and high-quality metering products that go the distance – even in high-pressure environments.

Choosing the right products

Euromag’s MUT2200EL and MUT2500EL models, for example, is ideal for almost all mining applications. The internals of the sensors are fully potted to protect the coils against vibration and moisture ingress. These meters are lined in ebonite, an abrasive resistant liner unaffected by debris in the flow. They’re just two examples of what we have to offer. We also stock complementary equipment to augment our product range.

Exclusive suppliers

We are exclusive suppliers of many of the most popular and effective metering solutions on the market. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you source the right meter to give you peace of mind.

Related Products

We have the knowledge and experience to help you source the right water meter for your application. If you need assistance or would like a demonstration, please get in touch.