For farmers, growers and others in the agricultural industry, measuring water flow is essential to the everyday operation of your land.


Government irrigation bodies keep a watchful eye on water usage from rivers and bores. Our water meters make it easy for you to measure the flow rate of water and soluble products in your irrigation system through the fertigation and chemigation process.

Choosing the right meter

At Bermad Water Technologies, we can help you choose the right meter for your requirements. From the latest innovations in smart metering technology for complex scenarios to simple, yet cost-effective solutions for the single operator.

Choosing the right meter largely depends on your specific needs and the quality of water you need to measure.

Bermad’s Turbo-IR-A, for example, is uniquely designed to prevent jamming and damage from solid debris. The Sensus WPD is the world’s leading helical water and a real workhorse. Then there’s the Euromag range of flangeless ‘wafer’ meters. They’re strong, smart, easy to install and come with a powerful MC608 converter display and long battery life.

Related Products

These are just a small sample of the products we have available. We’ve carefully selected our products to provide you with long-lasting, efficient and robust solutions across all agricultural applications. To learn more, browse our product range.

If you have any questions about how Bermad Water Technology’s products can meet your specific requirements, or want to learn more about the please contact us.