About Bermad Meters



We are experts in metering solutions. Our reputation is built on providing you with the most comprehensive range of metering solutions, technical expertise and support services in Australia.

Whether it’s a mechanical water meter, a magnetic flow meter, a smart meter or a complete advanced metering infrastructure solution we have a product and solution to suit your needs.

Our solutions are used across a range of applications and situations, including:

  • Residential and domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial and mining
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Waterworks

Making the most of our finite water and energy resources takes more than just innovative technology and know-how.

We deliver reliable, flexible and proven products and solutions that provide you with advanced measurement, data collection, analysis and control capabilities. This improves your operational efficiency while reducing your environmental impact.

With representatives around Australia, we have what it takes to partner with you for the long term.


Bermad Water Technologies – Since 1989

Bermad Water Technologies began in 1989 as an equal joint venture between founder, Bob Stephens, and Bermad Israel. Since then it has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted names in water management solutions. Bermad Water Technologies is fully equipped with the technology and expertise to provide product support to all our customers across Australia.

Bermad Australia Pty Ltd, A.B.N. 62 093 801 220.